Feb. 1st, 2008

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Hmm. I'm not so good tonight. Loosing weight is not easy, and while I did not expect it would be, I did think if i stuck to my diet and watched my intake and did my gym it would make a difference.

It turns out i weigh about 6-7kg more than i thought. I'm trying to watch my diet, but i'm not sure calorie counting is helping much to shift the weight, and the exercise, while it is getting easier, telling me i am getting fitter (some yoga poses are not making me shake any more), and i have to do more to get more of an endorphin rush, i still don't feel i'm getting very far.

There is one area I am though. Which is a good thing. My energy, in terms of reiki, is not falling apart any more - ie, i'm not wanting to cry when i am in yoga. So clearly, it is very good for me. I'm also finding i am more straight afterwards in that my posture is heaps better. its easier to remain standing straight and tall.

I'd... just like the scales to reflect that I'm doing something right.


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