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More diet and exercise stuff. Skip if you like.

I moved my pins today on my weights machines. Added another five kg. And 10 to the legs cos it was getting too easy.

This is good.

Also doing well on the food diary front, but something that surprises me - Ribena makes me blow my carbs every time i drink it. Diluted its got over 30g in carbs. It confuses me every time i look at it.

But still, seeing i was that active, better that than a soft drink. I suppose. Tastes better. But it surprises me nonetheless.

Also, dance class is back on Tues nights at 5.45. So i can go again. Which brings me to the last thing...

I'm looking for a Def Fx album called Ritual Eternal, released in 1995. I hear it might be hard to get now, so I'm hoping I know someone who has it, or where I could get a copy.

Date: 2008-02-05 10:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You has benchmark!

Also, I found when playing large amounts of sport on small budget that putting a little bit of lemon juice (2 second squeeze out of the bottle) into my water (1L) was enough to take the crap off the back of my throat, be refreshing and a hell of alot cheaper than gatorade... I'm guessing it is probably alot lower in carbs than ribena too!
Also, you can get a no added sugar ribena. - that might be a better suggestion than the lemonjuice thing too.


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