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I am rejigging livejournal, given what i am using it for. This is going to upset some people.

{Me takes a deep breath}

All of you know that I have had issues for some time with politics and grapevine gossip within the Camarilla, and its impact on my marriage. The saga has continued, not through malice, but through concern, which I do understand.

I know that there are those of you out there worried about me.

But this space is for me to reflect, and as a result I do not pull many punches within this space. As a result, I have removed a selection of people that I know pass on information, and talk about my depression and anxiety, in some cases to Stephen.

Not wishing to provide too much information or fodder for that, because of the context of my writing it is not designed for being passed on. I find it upsetting when this happens. Its why I am up this late, with the sense of my heart being in my throat.

So, if you have been removed, it does not mean I do not like you, merely that I am more comfortable with the content of my journal being kept private, and specific to a closer group of people. When I write in here, sometimes I am angry, frustrated, and need to get the emotion out. So I do. That does not mean I am comfortable with the content of posts, or things I have said personally, on IRC, or any chat program, to be passed on or talked about to those around me, or to Stephen.

I will talk to Stephen myself. No one needs to do it for me. Same with everyone else who has been told things 'for my own good'.

I hope thats not too harsh - I am not wanting to be harsh, merely clear.
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