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In response to several members of my flist. Its been a train of thought that I finally managed to verbalise what was in my head.

People out there seem to think that rape and violence against women starts in a vacuum. 'Boys will be boys' etc, just as you said. What they fail to understand is that violence against women starts with sexism. And sexism starts with lack of respect for the humanity of the person.

So, to fight sexism, to fight violence against women, to fight rape/sexual assault in any form, means the first step is to look at the person, and acknowledge that they are, and are worthy of your respect, BECAUSE they are.

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Hi all.

Contrary to the title, which to some will sound inflammatory, this is for some friends in need. I have seen at least two posts on my flist about violence against women recently, and my gut says to tell the people in question about this:

Go to my info page, and look at the communities.

Baft rage is Ginmar's, and is a blue collar feminist rage community. Both Kitty and Kitten may find it interesting.

No Pity is the community that resulted from the massive No Pity No Shame No Silence meme of those who have suffered sexual violence. It is a space for us to talk, most of it is behind cuts and marked as triggering etc, so as to respect each other's experiences and problems. This is a safe space.

Our Healing Path is similar to No Pity, and is also a safe space.

Check them out.


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