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Hi everyone.

Some folk have noticed that I have culled my flist. Its really a bit of reorganising.

Things to keep in mind -

1. No one has offended me. I am still everybody's friend, no friendships have changed.
2. I moved all the story / IC journals over to raven_steps, my ic journal, for ease of reference.
3. The reason I did all this was because I have a very very wide circle of friends, and they range from people who are very close to me, emotionally or geographically, to social friends, to people I am getting to know. My flist was becoming unweildy with all the different groups, who I read, who I did not read all the time or on a day to day basis,  those whom have been my support/family for years, those I am just getting to know... you get the picture.

What I did was make a decision to make more public posts, for those getting to know me and visa versa. It was suggested that I use filters for this stuff, but filters are annoying and do not like working for me, and generally i use them for subjects - like the cam rants that my non cam friends do not understand or like.

I am sure that the people I have removed I will continue to get to know better and closer and then perhaps they will be added again. 

All I was trying to do was get my online presence to reflect my real life - rather than create a sense of inimacy or confidence that may not  necessarily be there in person or offline. Yet.

I hope that makes sense, and no one is hurt about this. It was not my intention.

This is not my only means of online communication, and I am on MSN and IRC too, to get to know, chat, and see how things develop.


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