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Hi all

Back on felinefaerie I did a meme that was building a playlist, if you recall, the purpose of the meme was this -

"Post a comment and I'll post the title and artist of the song that most reminds me of you. Then post this in your journal and everyone can build a personal playlist based on their friends thoughts of them..."

Well, its finally done. Some of it was quite hard, others, not hard at all. So here goes.....

[ profile] vaingloriesque
"Future Love Paradise" - Seal

[ profile] shadow_5tails
Yours was the hardest, ironically, cos I don't know the names of the songs - anything by Gilbert and Sullivan, but especially the Mikado, or "I am the very model of a modern major general".

[ profile] kittenmorag
"Artemis" - Wendy Rule

[ profile] typical_child
"Mack The Knife" - Robbie Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and many others.

[ profile] babykitty
"Scar" - Missy Higgins
Its such a rage song, about not letting others change you into something you are not, and drawing boundaries around your own sense of self.

[ profile] journiey
Yours was easy, ironically, because there are so many songs that remind me of you. But this one more than many others -
"Inanna" - Wendy Rule

[ profile] fizit
"Feeling Good" - Michael Buble

[ profile] lokicarbis
I cannot remember the name of the song......
Its They Might be Giants - "Little Birdhouse in your Soul" I think its called. Don't ask me why, but a lot of their stuff reminds me of you, perhaps because it reminds me of filk.... ;-P

[ profile] talera
"Zero" - Wendy Rule
Its such a beautiful song - it reminds me of being close to earth and spirit at the same time - very you.

So thats it folks....


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