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This is a clip of a guy named Paul Potts, from Wales. He won Britians got Talent, as my UK flist may know. I heard him on an interview speaking tonight, a radio interview, and they mentioned he got a standing ovation for his audition on the show. He said he was a little disapointed with his performance, so I thought ok i'm going to find it.


This reminded me of something. Anyone in Aust who follows opera or musical theatre would recall a man from Melb who burst onto the opera scene in the 1990s, in his 40s, from nowhere. He was a shoe repairer. Actually my local shoe repairer, and we used to hear opera from his back room when we'd go into the shop. It never occurred to me it was him.

But check this out - its stunning. And moreso, watch the judges faces. Thats even better.

I'm going to buy this guy's CD.
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Don't listen to this if you are sad. Its beautiful, but in context, its the most incredibly sad song.

"So In Love"

At the time Cole Porter wrote the musical that would result in his return to success, after years of mediocre reviews for his music and plays, his wife and muse, Linda Lee Porter was dying of cancer.

"Kiss Me Kate" was one of his most successful musicals, and his professional future hung on this play, and yet, on opening night, it was the first time Linda was too ill to attend the premier with him, and not long after she died.

This is her song, and one of his greatest acheivements creatively, at a time when that thing that gave him such joy and creativity in his life was passing from it.

While the words are beautiful, its the melody under it that gets me - it displays the desperation and emotion of what he is loosing.

I can't listen to this without crying.
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Oh this is priceless - its a christmas song....
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Please please please watch these.

Two weeks ago the Aust version of Dancing with the Stars came to an end. As a bunch Aussies know, an actress named Bridie Carter won.

Watch these. These are the two routines she and her partner Craig did for the Grand Final. Incidentally, this one, the Jungle Samba, was one they also did for their Samba in week 7. I watched it and thought it was the most shit hot thing i'd ever seen, and they were so sexy together.

But then I saw the freestyle. And it was so moving I can't believe thse two did not fall in love or develop some beautiful bond to manage this.

For those who don't know, the celebrities on the show are novice dancers, or have never danced prior to being approached to do the show.

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I'm not sure how many of my friends will like her. I quite like a bunch of her songs, but not all.

This one tho, is beautiful. Listen to the words.

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From the Battlestar Galactica season 3 soundtrack. Fantastic! Its the end of the episode "Crossroads, part 2", the season finale, and absolutely makes IT!
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Yes yes I know, he's dreadful. But this piece of music weeps and I wish I could play anything like this.

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Today's song.

The opening line says it all for me emotionally.

That said, it is one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite artists.

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Favorite film.

I have it on dvd....

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A song a day.

So, begining today, two of my favorite songs. Here is one.

This because I still think this is the best film clips and songs written for a film in my lifetime.

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