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Its offical.

I have bronchitis. Again. Which means, the last week was probably the flu, not a cold.

No work for me tomorrow now. So I am not back at work till Monday now. Its going to be a hellishly tight financial week. Shit. But probably better than ending up in hospital if this does not kick.

Oh well. It goes toward explaining the rambling delirium of the last post.


Jul. 13th, 2006 11:40 am
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A bunch of things -

I have the flu. I am at home, sent there by the doctor.

I have to get on a plane to Melb in the morning, and with this, would really rather NOT get p't to the airport. A lift would totally rock, as I am more and more worried about being sick this weekend with all the loose ends to tie up in Melbourne.

Can anyone please give me a lift to Sydney airport? I have to be there at 6.45am

I also need a lift to Melbourne airport at about 11.15-11.30am Saturday morning, with the 2 cat carriers. I am unsure if a cab will allow me to take the cats in the car, otherwise I would just do things that way.

Please, I am desperate to sort this out, as Stephen will already be on the road to Sydney, and mum is away on holidays, and several folk are working, or their car is out of action.....

If anyone can help, please email me or sms me if you have my number..... Please?

I would not be asking, but I feel awful, and getting this done is going to take all sorts energy...


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