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bast_believer ([personal profile] bast_believer) wrote2008-05-03 04:19 pm
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Things for sale or give away

Ok.... Stuff we are getting rid of.

Go here and look at pictures. List is below. 

Green espresso coffee cups and saucers x4
Wine glasses x4
Liquer glasses, crystal embossed with grapes x2
Tumbler glass, crystal embossed with grapes
Cocktail glass
Sherry glasses x5
Salzburg crystal vase
Glass plates embossed with grapes x4 or 6 I think

Still life painting circa 1915. Framed, small.
Blue ceramic oil burner

Books and Games list coming.

Garb - some pic's up on the link above.

Fabric too, come and look at my house.

Blanket Chest
Small planter stand makes good bedside.
Red/gold chinese lamp.
Wardrobe with drawers and shelves and hanging space.

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